Master of Divinity Concentration in Black Church Studies

Master of Divinity Concentration in Black Church Studies

The Black Church Studies concentration enables students enrolled in the Master of Divinity degree program to take graduate level courses in history, theology, and homiletics.

BSK students who enroll in the Black Church Studies program may choose courses from the BCS curriculum. Upon graduation, Seminary students will receive both a master’s diploma and a Certificate in Black Church Studies.

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INT 2633: The Life and Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Approved Elective for BCS Concentration and BCS Certificate)

This course will explore the theology of Martin Luther King, Jr., viewing King as a major Christian theologian, not just a Civil Rights leader. The first part of the course will provide a historical overview of slavery and segregation in America and their intersection with King’s work in the Civil Rights Movement that helps student to understand the contours of King’s thought as it evolves from the late 1950s to the late 1960s. The second part of the course will examine the influences on his thought such as the prophetic tradition in Scripture, the Protestant Liberal tradition, the African American Baptist tradition, and black nationalist thinking. We will also interrogate his legacy today and its implications for church and society.

THE 2703: Black and Womanist Theology