Dr. Lewis Brogdon and Rev. Erica Whitaker, Executive and Associate Director of BSK’s Institute for Black Church Studies, have had a busy month traveling all over the country teaching, preaching, and leading as they educate on and advocate for racial justice and reconciliation. Here are some things they have been up to:

October 16: Rev. Erica Whitaker preached at First Baptist Church in Worchester, Massachusetts. Her sermon, “The Curious Case of The Healing of the Blind Man”  was based upon Mark 8:22-25.

October 18: Rev. Erica Whitaker lectured at Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary in Williamsburg, Delaware. Her lecture, “WWJD: What White Jesus Did” was a critical examination of whiteness and Christian art in America. Rev. Whitaker was awarded an honorary degree from Wayland Baptist Theological Seminary at this event!

October 19: Rev. Erica Whitaker taught at Broadway Baptist Church. She taught on blindness as a Biblical theme throughout the gospel calling us to “see” the world and others through the lens of Jesus.

October 23 & 30: Dr. Lewis Brogdon taught at First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He taught a two-part Bible Study on the cultural and theological aspects of forgiveness based on the model prayer and parable of the lost son in Luke.

October 24-27: Dr. Lewis Brogdon led classes for the Leadership Certificate in Black Church Studies for the National Baptist Convention in Louisiana. Here he concluded the training of Pastors, Associate Ministers, Christian Education directors, Sunday school teachers, and other lay leaders desiring a concentrated course of study.

If you would like Dr. Brogdon or Rev. Whitaker to visit your church or speak at an event you are hosting, contact Rev. Erica Whitaker at erica.whitaker@bsk.edu.

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