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Dr. Brogdon is the Executive Director of the Institute for Black Church Studies.

Dr. Lewis Brogdon has written an opinion piece that has been published in Lousiville’s Courier-Journal. Brogdon writes about how America has mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic,

“Much attention has been given to the failure of the government on all levels from federal to state and local. However, we all share a measure of blame. It is easy to blame others, especially politicians. It is much harder to examine ourselves and how we may have contributed to the chaos. It is painful to recognize the ways our behavior and response might have led to job loss, small business closures, the suffering of others, and even death. In hindsight, it is important to acknowledge that we all could have done better. We all could been more selfless, gracious and wise in our decisions as we navigated the challenges of the pandemic.”

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