Rev. Erica Whitaker, Associate Director of BSK’s Institute for Black Church Studies, wrote an article for Baptist News Global entitled, “‘Our Father’: A quiverfull of racism and anti-reproductive rights.” Whitaker writes,

“White supremacy requires the “white race” reproduce generation after generation. Through recent years, America has heard fearful comments from politicians and everyday people concerning the decline of white people and the increase of minorities. Now, after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the unspoken truth finally slipped through the cracks of conversative Christian politics: “Pro-life is a win for white life.”

And they are right. Anti-reproductive rights protects white men and their sexual behavior, dare I say, sinful behavior. Anti-reproductive rights blames women and minorities, forcing them to pay the price for puritanical Christian convictions. Pro-life policies stand against religious liberty because they push one religious conviction on everyone.”

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