Rev. Erica Whitaker recently had her academic article, “Collective Forgiveness, Racism, and Patriarchy: The Challenge for US White Baptist Congregations” published in the Journal for European Baptist Studies. Read the abstract for the article below:

“In his chapter on forgiveness, David Gushee asks, ‘can collective groups forgive?’ The difficulty of collective forgiveness is the focus of this article, which asks, ‘What aspects of collective forgiveness need to be learned by white Baptist congregations in the process of forgiveness for the past sins of slavery?’ The article investigates ecclesial practices and examines the ecclesial challenges needed for the offender in the harmed relationship to practise forgiveness. I first establish why white Baptist churches have not engaged with the notion of collective forgiveness. Second, I propose dismantling soft patriarchy to open the possibility for white churches to become places that can engage in collective forgiveness. In conclusion, I evaluate egalitarian feminism as a way forward for ecclesial communities to practise collective forgiveness. I also offer two first-steps for these Baptist congregations: hiring and electing an equal number of woman in leadership roles and changing theological language.” 

Click here to learn more about Erica’s article.

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