During May 2019 commencement at Simmons College of Kentucky, the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky (BSK) announced a new scholarship for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). The scholarship, named the “Kevin and Barnetta Seminary Scholarship for ADOS,” provides 10 incoming students per year with full tuition to pursue a graduate degree with BSK.

BSK now has close to 30 Cosby Scholars. These scholars live all across the country and have recently been meeting on Zoom to connect, encourage, and challenge one another. At their most recent meeting, Dr. Kevin Cosby, the namesake of this program, joined the meeting. Dr. Cosby challenged the scholars, “Education is the not mere imparting of information. Education is learning how to act in the interest of the oppressed. If you don’t emerge from Seminary, acting in the best interests of your people, then you really didn’t get a good theological education. But the good news is that you will be getting good education at BSK.”

If you’d like to give to support the Cosby Scholar program, visit bsk.edu/give. 

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