Dr. Lewis Brogdon recently visited Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tennessee. Rev. Devan Franklin, a BSK student, is the pastor of Bethel. Dr. Brogdon’s sermon was entitled, “What To Do When The World Has Lost It’s Mind” based on Ephesians 5:13-20 (NIV). Rev. Franklin wrote about the impact of Dr. Brogdon’s visit,

“Dr. Brogdon has come to preach for us at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church the last two years on the first Sunday of Black History Month. It has been a blessing to have a scholar of his caliber share his intellectual and spiritual gifts with our church family. Dr. Brogdon challenges us to think theologically about the Black experience in America and encourages us to remain faithful to God in the midst of it all. It has also been a great experience to have one of my professors come to preach at the church that I pastor. It is a blessing for the congregation to recognize my pursuit of theological education and, more broadly, it helps foster the connection between the academy and the church. My congregation always expresses their appreciation for Dr. Brogdon!”

To watch Dr. Brogdon’s sermon, click here. 

To learn more about Bethel Missions Baptist Church here. 

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